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The Passion is Born

In November 2013, GNW Group was born. It was born from a passion. A passion for business. not just our own business, but the business of, well, business. anything and everything business. Small, medium, large. All business. With a humble start, in a small spare room, something big was born.

small gets bigger

By early 2014, the need for expansion meant a need for more. 

More human resources and subsequently, more space. The GNW Group, just a few months old, had five employees. With a handful of loyal clients and employees, the dream was taking shape, now in an old garage. 

Bigger get Biggest

In early 2015, as the number of employees and customers grew, The GNW Group moved into our first corporate office space. 

At this point, the GNW Group had developed two standalone SME’s under the group name were assisting three large automotive dealership groups across a range of “sore points” and increasing revenue within these groups greatly. 

The rule of three

They say that all good things come in threes. 2016 marked the third year of operation for the GNW Group.

2016 is also the year that The GNW Group assisted in the start-up of three small, level 1 BBEEE brands, who to date, are writing around 6 Million Rand per yer – each!

Hau cool is that?

Perhaps one of our favorite projects that we have ever worked on, is for a brand known as, “Hau”. 

Hau is an all natural, proudly South African beverage that has grown from a single owner and operator business, to a brand that is now in several large retail chains, with a national footprint. 

Developing South African brands is something that we are passionate about and seeing one grow from small to national will always be one of our proudest achievements. 

Fleet gets smarter

They say that if you want something done right, you should do it yourself.

After several years of searching for a fleet management solution to assist in cost reduction services to our clients, we had decided that we should stop searching and start building.

We could not find a solution to cater to the needs of our clients with fleets and so, with “solution” in mind, we linked with several service providers to begin offering the GNW “Telematics” product range, to decrease costs and increase productivity for our clients with fleets.

Marketing gets smarter

January 2019 marks the date that GNW Group, seeing another need in our consulting projects, begins offering smart marketing, with a holistic, brand “ecosystem” mindset, to provide not just marketing, but marketing with an understanding of brand from a business mindset perspective.

6 months later, we have successfully managed the marketing leg of several companies and have a track record that spans from brand development, to radio advertising and Social Media Management.

Our only question at current, is how far we can climb! 


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