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Our passion for brand is shown in all that we do, but we like to think that if you would really like to put our passion to the test, 

you need only look at the brand and marketing solutions that we provide!

Bespoke Website Design

There are several reasons you should have a bespoke, responsive website, such as; improved organic sales leads, proving validity through a powerful online presence or just to have a secondary means to engage with customers outside of your primary digital marketing activities. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – with over 92% of customers visiting a brand’s website before making final purchase decisions, your business cannot go without a website that converts visitors to customers!

Brand Building

Many companies market themselves as “Brand Specialists”.  While we love the term, we don’t agree that just anyone is a “Brand Specialist”. 

You see, business is a complex ecosystem with multiple facets that work as a whole to shape a perception. Only through many year’s exposure to multiple divisions, across a range of industries, can one truly understand what it means to be a brand and subsequently; a Brand Specialist. At The GNW Group, we proudly call ourselves brand specialists, because we understand every facet of the aforementioned ecosystem. We know what makes a brand tick and we know how to deliver the brand’s message to the right audience. If you’re looking to give your brand the right start, or restart, you should look no further than the GNW Group. 

Social media management

We live in the golden age of information and technology. 

Every day, your consumer becomes smarter and engages with your competitors in a number of ways, across a number of platforms. If you are not engaging with your client in the same way, you are losing sales. 

The GNW Group are experts in the art of Social Media Communication – both in terms of sales across a range of platforms, as well as customer relations and retention. If you are looking to engage with the right audience, using their platform and in their language, you should contact us now. 

Professional writing

According to The Oxford Dictionary, there are 171 476 in the English language.

It is the job of a professional writer to find the right combination of these almost two-hundred-thousand words, in the right order, in order to communicate with your potential clients in the exact way that transforms them into cash spending, brand loyal, enthusiastic fans.

If you are unable to find the right combination of words, the GNW Group can help you. You need only write us a short mail, saying “Please help, writer needed”!

Media & Design

Part of understanding the art of brand, is understanding the art of a brand. 

We understand this in depth, and use this deep understanding to create life-long corporate branding solutions. 

Be it rich colors, flowing font, the precise combination of dimensions and shapes, or everything we just mentioned, working in unison to create a living, breathing spokesperson, dancing in your consumer’s heart – embodying the brand that you have worked hard to create – we understand brand, we understand your brand and we want to bring brand to life.

print & corporate gifting

Think on the last big event that you attended. 

While there, you were probably offered a few pamphlets – perhaps in a goody bag. These pamphlets were given to you by someone wearing a shirt branded with the relevant company’s information. They were probably standing under a gazebo, branded with the same company’s logo and information. You probably ate a meal, packaged in some sort of branded wrap or box. You drank a beverage from a bottle with more branding on and before the event was over, you received a small gift from the organizer, also branded. 

Someone took the time and effort to ensure the quality of those items. They spent months planning and organizing every detail, down to the quality of paper that the pamphlets were printed on. This person is an expert and has expert contacts who assists them in their work. If you are looking for someone like this, contact us now.

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