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Business is about personal relationships. The relationship between two people, who have a shared goal and who are willing to work together to achieve that goal. 

That relationship starts with a simple introduction – so below, we have taken the time to introduce ourselves. Take a look, get to know us, and let’s start something incredible together!

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Walter / Managing Director

Walter passionately owns and manages the GNW Group, using his almost thirty years experience in sales and consulting to change the course of dozens of businesses annually. Walter’s passion for business has touched brands such as Coca-Cola Africa, Garmin South Africa, and many other JSE listed companies – however; his love for business doesn’t stop there. Walter has worked as a business rescue consultant with several small businesses to forever change the lives of small, family run businesses. 

Mail Walter on: walter@gnwgroup.co.za

Jabulile / Administrative Manager

Affectionately nicknamed “Jabs”, Jabulile is GNW’s longest standing employee. Having worked in debt collection for several years, Jabulile has a reputation for always getting the job done, even when harsh hurdles face her. 

Jabulile is the heart and soul of the “behind the scenes” of the GNW Group and can often be found dotting I’s and crossing T’s with a fierce veracity.

Mail Jabulile on: admin@gnwgroup.co.za

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Colin / Commercial and Projects Manager

There are two things that Colin is passionate about. The first is bodybuilding and the second; fleet management. As the demand for effective fleet management solutions has grown in our client’s projects, so has the need for someone who possesses both project management skills as well as data capture, analysis and reporting. Colin brings both of these skills to the table to embodies every fleet manager’s dream contact. If you’re looking to improve fleet productivity, Colin is the man you want on your team!

Mail Colin on: colinb@gnwgroup.co.za

Graeme / Marketing Manager

Graeme’s passion for brand started before he could write. His first memories are day’s at work with his dad, coming up with mock adverts for his favorite cold drinks in the form of drawings on scrap paper stolen from the office printer. As he got older, his passion developed, and today he strives to constantly learn more about the complex ecosystem that is a brand, as well as how to design, grow and sell it. Graeme will passionately transform your business into a brand, given the smallest opportunity.

Mail Graeme on: graeme@gnwgroup.co.za

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61 Bosbok Road 
Sweet Thorn On Beyers

Our hours

07:30 AM – 17.00 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: 011 077 5533
Email: admin@gnwgroup.co.za

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