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Founded as a consulting company, GNW Group has a long, proven track record of results driven projects. With over a dozen success stories to boast, the GNW Group is the perfect partner for your business, whether you are seeking staff management solutions, brand strategies, business rescue or division focused, human resource up-skilling.

The GNW Group and our partners are proud to be one of the few consultung agencies that tailor not only our approach to projects, but our pricing model, to fit a client’s pocket and ensure that any project in which we are involved is not hindered by our involvement by costs of services. 

Tracking & Fleet Management

Over the years, as we were exposed to more businesses through our consulting projects, one need became extremely prevalent – the need for effective fleet and mobile sales team management solutions. We searched high and low for a solution that was not only recovery driven, but a solution that incorporated data driven results and ultimately increased the results of a results driven fleet. 

We could not find any, so we created one.

Our fleet management division has worked with several companies since the inception of this leg of The GNW Group, and has transformed the logistics divisions of over a dozen brands, increasing productivity and saving millions for our clients. 

Brand and marketing

Hundreds of years ago, kings built monuments, so that generations that came long after they had died, would know their legacy. As time has gone on, people stopped building monuments, and instead started building brands. 

Brands like McDonalds are, in modern times, better known than the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

The GNW Group, having a deep understanding of brand in its entirety, builds brands like this. We may not be stone masons, like those that built monuments in days long past, but we like to think of ourselves as brand masons, shaping the bricks that build monumental brands – brands that will stand the test of time and be the legacy that great business people leave for future generations to admire in awe.


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