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Warren Buffett said; “In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield”

It is in this way that we use our many years exposure to multiple industries and brands – both successful and failed – to assist

our client’s brands in becoming the powerhouses that they were meant to be.

Sales & Management Consulting

The most important asset that any company can have, is its human resources. 

There is no machine that can replicate the human mind in such a way that a personal relationship can be formed and business done, through that same relationship. The issue that this poses however, is that people are not programmed to perform all of the tasks that pertain to the requirements of an ever growing brand. It is only through working with and mentoring your workforce that certain, relevant tasks can be executed. 

The GNW Group works to bridge the “training” gap that exists in the workforce, to create a more refined sales team, that is not only sales focused, but brand focused.

Business rescue

The GNW Group does not only work to build brands and valuable employees, but also works to rescue brands that are, as the saying goes; “A sinking ship”. 

We understand that a brand, with a solid product/ service offering can suffer many external and internal hardships that the management team may not know how to traverse, at no fault of their own. The GNW Group identifies these factors and implements tools to address and eradicate or lessen the effects of these factors on the business. We do this in several ways, including; external investment, staff management, KPI integration and so on. 

Our passion for brand does not only exist in startup or successful businesses, but for all brand – even those struggling to stay afloat. 

Business startup

All brands start as a single idea. Unfortunately, that is where they die too. 

You see, the innovators are often not the “business men/ women” that run the company. 

They are the “doers”. The engine to the well oiled machine that is the brand – but someone needs to take the wheel, and that is something that requires a different kind of person. The GNW Group employs those wheel-men. We employ people who understand how a brand should take form and the direction that it should go. We don’t want world changing idea’s to die as just idea’s. We want them to become the powerhouses that they were intended to be. That is why we assist entrepreneurs in the establishment of their brand, using the experience gained from working with household names, such as Garmin South Africa and Coca-Cola to do so. 

If you have an idea, but don’t know where to start – the best place is the “Contact Us” button below!

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