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A few years ago, we started seeing a need for improved fleet management solutions in our client’s companies, when consulting to them. 

In 2018, we closed in on this niche and started the Telematics & Fleet Management division of the GNW Group.

Personal Account management

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company” – Tony Hsieh

Here at GNW Group, we don’t have account managers. We have satellite employees of your business – people as dedicated to the success of your company, as you are. Our Account managers work with our clients to ensure that your business and it’s logistics leg is not just “serviced”, but successful. The kind of “successful” that is achieved through hard work and solution based thought processes. 

Here at The GNW Group, we don’t just have clients – we have life-long relationships. We don’t just have account managers – we have people hungry for those relationships.

Strategic partnerships

Doing the right thing for your clients is not about “just trying to do the right thing”. It is something that you must decisively aspire to do on a daily basis. 

One of the many ways that we aspire to do the right thing, is to find other’s who both share our desire to do right by our clients and who offer the best solution available, to heighten the level of quality that we can. 

It is with these two principals at heart that we form strategic partnerships and are able to consistently improve our product offering. With partners like Geotab Africa, Matrix and Beame backing us, we are able to offer you not only tailored solutions to address multiple requirements, but provide one of the best telematics and vehicle recovery solutions in Southern Africa.


Telematics is the service of data collection. In fact, our products are so good at data collection, that at the end of every month, you are left with millions of strings of data at your fingertips.

The issue is; however, that you are left with more data than you would need to ascertain information that is relevant to your business unit.

That is where our Bureau Service comes in. Your dedicated account manager analyzes the data that has been captured on a monthly basis and filter’s out information that is not relevant to your business unit. You are presented only the most relevant information, as well as given tips and traning on the best way to utilise the information.

Some of our clients have seen an over 30% improvement in driver behaviour by utilising the Bereau Service provided to them by the GNW Group.

Imagine what our services can do for your business. 

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